Life in a Jar

This is life. We live in a jar. We are never as free as we think we are, and we will never be as free as we could be until we get out of the jar.

Getting out of the jar is the most important thing a stick person can do, because eventually the air in the jar runs out and the stick person dies. The jar will suffocate everyone in time.

The stick people who have escaped the jar are bewildered by those who are still trapped and who aren't even trying to get out. Most people inside the jar don't even know that the jar exists because the glass is transparent.

They don't understand what the stick people outside are trying to tell them, because they can only hear their voices muffled through the glass.

And often, even if they do hear the stick people outside, they don't believe the truth about the outside world because they only know that world as it appears through the glass. If a stick person doesn't know whether it is in a jar or not, then it is in the jar. In order to get out, a stick person should look for the walls of the jar and press its ear close. If it listens closely, focusing on something other than the soothing ocean sounds that fill its small space, it will begin to hear the voices of other stick people, desperately calling out the truth.

It will take time, and it will be a hard climb, but it is possible for every stick person to climb out. And once they do, there is no going back.