About Calvin

Calvin Neufeld is a social justice advocate, trans man, writer and educator with a passion for human rights, animal rights, and the environment. Since 2011, Calvin has been a popular speaker to schools and community groups throughout Ontario and Quebec.

In 2021, Calvin was the federal Green Party Candidate for the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston.

In 2016, Calvin founded Evolve Our Prison Farms, a coalition of activists and academics advocating the transition of Canada’s new prison farms away from commercial-industrial operations toward a non-profit therapeutic model of green agriculture.

In 2013, Calvin edited and published the book Suffering Eyes: A Chronicle of Awakening, written by his mother Franceen Neufeld. Previously, Calvin worked as a legal researcher for the film and television industry, and as an environmental consultant for the Ontario government building an innovation-driven bioeconomy. Until 2021, Calvin was also the coordinator of Kingston VegFest, having been involved since its inception in 2016. 

Calvin's experiences as a transgender man have shaped his life and his dedication to making life better. He has learned to balance his traditional Mennonite values of simple living, hard work, pacifism and community service, with his progressive values of celebrating diversity and fighting for human, animal, and climate justice. Calvin lives with his wife and nine-year-old son in beautiful Perth, Ontario. 

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