Press Release: Calvin Neufeld On Bullying 2 - May 26, 2012


Perth, Ontario. Calvin Neufeld, Perth’s self-described “speaker, writer, thinker,” will be speaking to the public for a second time on the subject of bullying, “and this time it’s personal,” says Calvin. This free event will take place at St. Paul's United Church in Perth, 25 Gore St. W., Saturday May 26 at 2 p.m. (doors open at 1:30).

Calvin gave his first talk on bullying in March 2012, which took an intellectual left-brained approach to understanding the phenomenon of bullying. This sequel will take a personal right-brained approach to understanding – and undermining – the phenomenon.

Calvin will present an original creative work, “half poem, half spoken word, all honesty,” which looks at bullying through the lens of forgiveness, happiness, love, compassion and stopping the contagion of hurt. Following this will be the unveiling of Calvin’s new film, junebug speaks oot aboot bullying eh?, described as “an entertaining and heartwarming interview with a local woman who tells the story of a life scarred by bullying and her via dolorosa to recovery and fabulousness.”

The subject of this film is a 68 year-old resident of Perth who is known to friends as “Junebug” and is a self-described “survivor of bullying.” During the question and answer session at Calvin’s first On Bullying event, Junebug spoke out about her experience of being bullied at a very young age by an older girl with a gang of boys, and shared how the pattern of bullying continued into her adult life and her children’s lives too, who were also bullied.

“Junebug offered a public pledge to help me stand up against bullying and she was funny as hell,” says Calvin. “How could I resist?” After the presentation, Calvin contacted Junebug and asked if he could film an interview with her speaking about her life and her experiences with bullying. The result, out of three hours of footage, is a 20-minute gem of a film that brings the story of bullying home.

From foster child to nun to solider to a Sound-of-Music marriage to an older man with kids, the subject of this film paints a poignant picture of the long-term impact that bullying can have on a person’s self-esteem and consequent life choices. It sends a strong message to bullies and victims alike to make life better, with an emphasis on forgiveness and finding your funnybone.

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