Articles & Essays

As a freelance writer, Calvin has experimented with the odd article and essay over the years, which so far hasn't led to anything more serious.

o A conscientious objector to suffering (Geez Magazine, November 2008)
o A pound of flesh: The cost of transsexual health care in Canada
(Briarpatch Magazine, March 2009)
o Big Sky Ranch: Sanctuary for Body and Soul (Suffering Eyes Project, December 2013)
o Blessed are the... queers? (Geez Magazine, December 2006)
o Book Review: The Chain (Free from Harm, September 2015)
o Book Review: The Sexual Politics of Meat
(Briarpatch Magazine, March 2009)
o Buying into beauty
(Geez Magazine, July 2007)
o Dropping Obama’s pedestal a notch (but keeping him enthroned)
(Xtra!, January 2009)
o Freedom 25: Financial independence in the first quarter-century
(Briarpatch Magazine, May 2008)
Hating hate crimes heals (Perth Courier, January 2021)
o …I learned in Kindergarten (Honourable mention, Canadian Gay & Lesbian Archives competition, August 2008; CLGA Keeping Our Stories Alive Anthology, 2013)
o Lost in transition  (Xtra!, September 2008)
o Milking Justice (Free From Harm, June 2019)
o Monsters in the closet 
(Geez Magazine, April 2007)
o My Crappy-Turned-Happy Lap Appy
 (July 2013)
o On Openness in Adoption (Lanark Children's Aid, November 2014)
Prison Farms: A Correctional Confessional (Geez Magazine, June 2021)
o Simple ways to go green (Childbirth Kingston’s “Green It Up” AGM, May 2009)
o Snapping out of it (an entirely unmedical prescription)
(Xtra!, May 2009)
o Tapping into trans feminism
(Xtra!, November 2008)
o The Herd at the Pen (Briarpatch Magazine, May 2017)
o Trans Veganism (Geez Magazine, Summer 2015)