Meet Calvin

Who is Calvin and what's his story? These questions are answered for all ages in the form of a spoken presentation and through an illustrated children's book that serve as an excuse to underscore the importance of self-acceptance, self-confidence, loving your neighbour, loving yourself, being happy and making quality of life a priority.

"Meet Calvin" presented at the Upper Canada District School Board's first Youth Equity and Diversity Forum on LGBTQ inclusion, October 23, 2013. (25 minutes)

Meet Calvin children's book
A simplified illustrated version of Calvin's story that speaks equally to all ages and experiences.

Other presentations of Calvin's story:

Meet Calvin
January 13, 2014. Presented to administrators at the Upper Canada District School Board's first Staff Equity and Diversity Forum on LGBTQ inclusion.

Meet Calvin
November 22, 2012. Calvin presents his personal story to PFLAG Brockville and the Brockville Child & Youth Worker Program at St. Lawrence College.

Voici Calvin 
November 16, 2011. Calvin presents the French language version of his personal story to GRIS-Montréal.

Meet Calvin: A story of love, honesty, integrity and other hokey stuff
October 29, 2011. Calvin's first-ever public presentation and the launch of his career as a "Speaker, Writer, Thinker."