On Bullying

The root of bullying is fear. Its fruit, cruelty. Its spread, appalling. It stinks and it's got to stop.

Join Calvin in exploring the phenomenon of bullying and exposing the dynamics, from fear to insecurity to apathy, that feed this kind of vicious, predatory behaviour. Bullying comes in the form of either physical or psychological domination, and has the power to destroy lives. "I have been a victim of it and I have been guilty of it," says Calvin. "And so has everybody else."

Bullying is epidemic but the good news is that there is a cure. Discover it for yourself as you examine the problem through the lens of truth, love, compassion, and stopping the contagion of hurt.

Calvin Neufeld on Bullying
Calvin's first public presentation on the subject of bullying. A left-brained approach, a dry but thorough think-through.

Calvin Neufeld on Bullying 2: This Time it's Personal
Calvin's second public presentation on the subject of bullying. A right-brained approach, a lame but heartfelt poetic appeal.

Calvin Neufeld on Bullying: Stick People Version
Calvin speaks to schools on the subject of bullying. A stick person approach, a simple but powerful message.

junebug speaks oot aboot bullying eh?
Calvin's heartwarming interview with a local woman who tells the story of a life scarred by bullying and her via dolorosa to recovery and fabulousness.

Bullying resources & recommendations