Trans Health Care Interview

Summer, 2016. Calvin Neufeld is interviewed about trans health care in Canada. (1 hour)

Interview conducted for "TransEd – an educational primer for healthcare professional learners" – a joint initiative between McMaster’s Michael G DeGroote School of Medicine and the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy.

Interview Questions:

1. Can you introduce yourself?

2. How did you come to understand that you were not the gender you were assigned at birth?

3. Was there anyone who was particularly helpful for you?

4. What were your choices to facilitate your transition?

5. Shifting to talking about healthcare, can you tell me about your best or worst interaction with a healthcare provider?
- What made it good/bad?
- Specifically, what has been your experience with physicians, pharmacists, social workers?

6. What barriers do you see in the healthcare system?
- What personal barriers might affect whether people seek care?
- There has been a lot of controversy around timing; the speed of the system and waiting for next steps. How do you feel about that?
- Waiting has been linked to increased incidents of depression and mental health problems; do you have any thoughts on this?

7. What advice would you have for healthcare students?

8. Language is important, how can healthcare providers make their environments welcoming? What is not?
- Is just asking the best strategy?
- Can you think of any examples where language has a particularly positive (or negative) impact?

9. What is the biggest misconception that people may have?

10. Are there any experiences or stories that you would like to share? Good or bad?

11. Is there a question that I haven’t asked that would be helpful for healthcare students to understand?