Piano Poems

Piano is one of Calvin's greatest joys and he has been "making up tunes" since he first began playing as a teenager. He calls these "piano poems," a selection of which appears below. Calvin is self-taught - he has never had a piano lesson in his life - and the evidence of this shines through his playing.

"Alone" - But not lonely.
"Argument" - No words needed.
"Born" - A story of animal suffering, written for www.sufferingeyes.com.
"Colour" - A synesthetic sample.
"Grief" - Looking a burden in the eye.
"Grieving Mother" - For all grieving mothers, especially Shelley Fillipoff (Help Find Emma Fillipoff).
"Happiness" - An attempt at describing the elusive.
"Heartless" - From one torn-apart heart to another.
"Hope and Hopelessness" - A wordless exploration.
"Look at me" - A lifelong longing.
"Love" - It's not what you think.
"Lullaby" - A sweet little cure for insomnia.
"Misunderstood" - An appeal, an apologia.
"Pain" - Inspired by a back injury.
"Sharon" - In gratitude for 10 years together and 6 years married, September 22, 2013.
"Understanding" - Or is it?
"Words" - And more words.