Words, humour, and honesty have the power to transform lives. At the heart of Calvin’s work as a speaker is the conviction that life is good and it can be better. Every topic, from queer issues to bullying, lends itself to this fundamental conclusion. It’s a simple message and a powerful weapon for those who wish to “take up arms against a sea of troubles.” There is life beyond fear and cruelty and bullying and cowering and self-destruction and apathy and damaged relationships – and it keeps getting better.

Calvin is available to speak in Ontario, Québec, and elsewhere according to availability. Sessions can be in either English or French. Presentations can be adapted for any topic, session length, group size, education level or age group. The cost is "free or pay what you can."

Upcoming engagements

Talks, videos, radio interviews and news articles:
Calvin Neufeld Interviews David Suzuki (2019; video; 24 min)
Hugh Reilly Interviews Calvin Neufeld of Evolve Our Prison Farms (2018; video; 12 min)
Controversy As Canada Invests $4.3 Million In Prisoner-Staffed Animal Agriculture (2018; text; Plant Based News)

Vegan Non-Profit Fights to Stop Prison-Run Slaughterhouses (2018; text; LIVEKINDLY)

Save our Prison Farm members betrayed by Feds (2018; text; Frontenac News)

Prison Farm Plans at Joyceville Raise Eyebrows and Red Flags (2018; text; 98.9 The Drive)

Calvin Neufeld interviewed for Canada's Penitentiary Museum (2017; audio; 35 min)
Calvin Neufeld interviewed on CFRC radio about Evolve Our Prison Farms (2017; video; 26 min)
Calvin Neufeld at Vegfest Guelph 2016 (2016; video; 45 min + Q&A)
Calvin Neufeld speaks at a vigil for Orlando shooting victims (2016; text)
Trans Health Care Interview (2016; video; 60 min) 
Calvin Neufeld at Animals Beyond Borders 5 (2015; video; 10 min)
Calvin Neufeld at Transgender Day of Remembrance (2015; video; 4 min; Perth Courier)
Calvin Neufeld at Animal Rights National Conference (2015; video; 15 min)
Calvin Neufeld the Human Book on Lake 88 Radio (2015; audio; 16 min) 
Calvin Neufeld speaks at a vigil for Leelah Alcorn (2015; audio and text; 10 min)
Calvin Neufeld On Openness in Adoption (2014; text)
Calvin Neufeld On Suicide (2014; text and video; 60 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks at Personalities in the Park (2014; video; 60 min)
Happiness is the key to quality of life, says speaker (2014; text; St. Lawrence News)
Calvin Neufeld interviewed on Animal Voices radio about Suffering Eyes (2014; audio; 30 min)
Meet Calvin: UCDSB Staff Equity & Diversity Forum (2014; video; 28 min)
Meet Calvin: UCDSB Youth Equity & Diversity Forum (2014; video; 25 min)
Public presentation: Why We Rock - Celebrating Pride & LGBT Diversity (2013; video; 52 min)
Calvin Neufeld interviewed for TV Cogeco's Critical Thinking (2013; video; 3 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks to PFLAG & Brockville Child and Youth Worker Program (2012; video; 53 min / 23 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks to Thousand Islands Secondary School, Anti-Bullying Week (2012; video; 44 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks to Perth & District Collegiate Institute, Anti-Bullying Week (2012; video; 56 min)
Public presentation: LGBTTIQQ2SAA Labyrinth (2012; video; 45 min / 20 min) 
Calvin Neufeld interviewed at Enough is Enough! anti-bullying Poster Launch (2012; video; 2 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks at Brockville Pride Night (2012; video; 25 min)
Calvin Neufeld interviewed about Brockville Pride on 104.9 JRfm's Breakfast Club (2012; audio; 5 min)
junebug speaks oot aboot bullying eh? (2012; video; 20 min)
Public presentation: On Bullying 2: This Time it's Personal (2012; video; 20 min / 15 min)
Calvin Neufeld interviewed about Bullying 2 on CBC radio's In Town and Out (2012; audio; 8 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks at Trans Pride 2012, Montreal (2012; video; 40 min / 6 min; French)
Public presentation: On Bullying (2012; video; 53 min / 60 min)
Calvin Neufeld on In Focus with Cathy James on Lake 88.1 Perth (2011; audio; 12 min)
Calvin Neufeld on Passion with Dr. Laurie Betito on CJAD 800 Montreal (2011; audio; 42 min)
Calvin Neufeld presents the French version of his story to GRIS-Montréal (2011; video; 20 min)
Public presentation: Meet Calvin (2011; video; 20 min / 60 min)
Calvin Neufeld speaks at West Hill United Church, Toronto (2009; video; 31 min)