Cookbook à la Cookbook is a comprehensive breakfast-to-dessert-and-beyond vegan companion. Calvin compiled and adapted the recipes for his own personal use as a passionate but otherwise talentless chef. No recipe is more complicated than it needs to be, requiring only the most generic ingredients and a minimum of skill and experience. The criteria: easy, vegan, yummy.

Recommended shopping list

o Banana Muffins
o Berrylicious Muffins
o French Toast
o Home Fries
o Moneys
o Pancakes
o Scrambled Tofu

Proper Meals
o Basic Roasted Veggies
o Cheesy Cabbage Casserole
o Chickpea Burger Patties
o Chickpea Curry
o Chickpeas, Rice & Kidney Beans
o Chili
o Gourmet Tortilla Pizzas
o Lasagna
o No Cheese Mac & Cheese 1 (healthier/tastier)
o No Cheese Mac & Cheese 2 (cheaper/easier)
o No Pig Pigs in Blankets
o Oriental Rolls
o Penne Arrabbiata
o Pesto Pasta
o Pizza Dough & Pizza Sauce
o Poutine & French Fries
o Pumpkin Pots
o Roast Potatoes
o Roast Sweet Potatoes
o Shepherd’s Pie
o Spaghetti Sauce
o Spanikopita
o Spicy Indian
o Spicy Spaghetti
o Squash
o Stir Fry
o Stuffed Acorn Squash
o Stuffed Pasta
o Sub & Club Sandwiches
o Sweet Crockpot Chili
o Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup
o Sweet Potato Curry
o Sweet Potato Fries 
o Tikka Masala Potato & Peas
o Tofu à la King
o Tofu Cutlets
o Tofu Nuggets & Tofu Nugget Salad
o Tomato Rice Stewish Soup
o Veggie Noodle Casserole

o Apple Pie
o Banana Bread
o Chocolate Avocado Pudding
o Cupcakes
o Fruit Smoothie
o Rhubarb Crisp
o Strawberry Blueberry Crisp
o Strawberry Shortcake Fingers

o Bread
o Brushetta
o Filo Dough
o Gravy
o Guacamole
o Happiness
o Pooris
o Quinoa
o Sore Throat Cure
o Stuffing
o Tofu Crumbles
o Yellow Rice
o Zweibach

Note: Recipes should be regarded as flexible. If you don’t have an ingredient or don’t like an ingredient, leave it out or throw in something similar instead. It rarely results in disaster and often results in improvement. If used properly, no recipe in this cookbook will produce the same meal twice. Trust your intuition. 

If you find ways to tweak or improve any of these recipes please contact Calvin. Don't be shy.